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Capital Composition of Highway Concessions in Argentina. article

Capital Composition of Highway Concessions in Argentina.

Below is the breakdown of the shareholdings of major routes and motorways concessions in Argentina. This information includes only the concessions listed on the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires since it is impossible to get information of the others unless a Justice Request application is presented through the Justice Records Office (IGJ) or equivalent entity according to the jurisdiction.

At the same time, it does not mean that these companies can not or have not contracted services from other companies, both domestic and foreign, to specific activities such as personal service, repair route, etc.

Source: S & P Argentina; MERVAL

Autopistas del sol

        Abertis Infrastructuras (Spanish Builder) has 31.59% of the shares (49.92% of votes)

        Impregilo International Infrastructuras NV (Dutch Construction) has 19.82% (24.04% votes)

        Dycasa (Argentina) has 5.83% (7, 48% of votes)

        ACS (Spanish) has 5.72% (6.04% of votes)

        The remaining shares are free traded on the Stock Exchange

Grupo concesionario del oeste

        Autopistas, Concesionaria Española SA (Spanish) has 48.60% of the shares

        IJM Corp Bhd (Malaysia) has 20.10%

        Int. Financial Services Limited (Argentina) has 1.30%

        The remaining 30% of the shares are free traded on the Stock Exchange 

Polledo SAIC y F

        Roggio has the 68.11%


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