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Argentina is in OECD top 3 for growth in 2021 but falls to last place in 2022

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said Argentina will grow 7.6% this year, an improvement of 1.5% from the previous forecast in May. With this outlook, Argentina ranks third in the OECD's growth outlook, behind China and Turkey. However, when looking at the OECD's projections for 2022, the scenario is different. While the Argentine government foresees a 4% rise in GDP by 2022, the OECD forecasts a rise of only 1.9%, the lowest of those estimated so far. As for the inflation outlook, the OECD estimates that 2021 will end with a 47% rise in prices, and predicts inflation of 48.3% by 2022.


The Government incorporated US $4.3 billion of SDRs into the budget to pay the Fund.
Inflation in August was 2.5%, the lowest level since July 2020, and accumulated 51.4% in the last year
The government presented the 2022 Budget Bill
According to the ILO, 8 out of 10 jobs created in Argentina have been in the informal market.
In July, industrial activity rose by 13% and construction increased by 19.8%.
The government has extended meat export restrictions until October.
Foreign investment announcements reached US$ 482 million in first half of 2021
Customs set new reference prices for meat exports
The government presented a bill to encourage investment in the automotive industry.
Inflation in July was 3% and accumulates 29.1% in 2021
Uruguay passed a law to regulate teleworking
The level of activity in industry grew by 19.1% in June and construction by 28.6% year-on-year.
The government confirmed that it will use the SDRs it will receive from the IMF to repay part of the debt.
Construction of the Atucha III nuclear power plant will begin in June 2022.
Province of Buenos Aires agreed to swap debt with bondholders after one year in default
Economic activity in May fell 2% from previous month
In June, the fiscal deficit increased and in July the monetary issue increased
Agro-industrial exports grew 25% to US$ 19.5 billion
The Senate approved new biofuels law
Inflation in June was 3.2% and accumulated 25.3% in the first half of 2021.
The Government created the Green Productive Development Plan.
Domestic vehicle production is up 14.5% on May and 155% year-on-year.
The Paraguay-Paraná waterway will come under state control next year.
The government formalised the partial payments to the Paris Club and the deadline with the IMF.
MSCI reclassified Argentina as Standalone
The government announced that meat exports will be partially reopened and there will be a plan to increase production.
Inflation slowed to 3.3% in May, lowest monthly rate of year so far
The oil company YPF presented a company dedicated to lithium production.
Industrial activity grew by 0.3% month-on-month in April and construction fell by 2.2%.
The government presented a bill to regulate the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industry.
Deadline with the Paris Club expires and the government awaits extension
Economic activity recorded a year-on-year increase of 11.4% in March, but a 0.2% decline from February.
The government closed meat exports for 30 days; producers announced a 7-day marketing strike.
A memorandum was signed with Chinese companies for the Vaca Muerta-Brazil gas pipeline
YPF announced that fuel prices will rise another 5% and it will be the last increase of the year.
Inflation continues to rise in Argentina, up 4.1% in April
State oil company YPF improved revenues in the first quarter of the year but lost US$25 million
MSMEs that export up to US $ 500,000 will have export tariffs reduced to 0%
125,000 jobs were lost during the pandemic
The mining company Livent will invest US $ 640 million to expand lithium production in Catamarca
AFIP says one-off Covid 'wealth tax' has been paid by 80% of targeted and brought in US $ 2.3 billion so far
Metallurgical production grew 25% year-on-year in March
The Minimum Wage will rise by 35% staggered in seven sections during 2021
Meat, grain and dairy producers must report what they plan to export
Economic activity fell 2.6% year-on-year and 1% monthly during February
Argentina records highest inflation rate in 18 months: 4.8%
Industrial activity rose 1.6% and construction 22.7% year-on-year in February
The Ministry of Productive Development affirmed that Argentina could be "a technological producer for South America"
http://vc1The Central Bank makes the purchase of dollars more flexible for the importation of capital
Poverty rate up to 42% in second half of 2020
The current account ended 2020 with a surplus of almost US $ 3 billion
Economic activity up 1.9% in January but down by 2% year-on-year
President Alberto Ferández called to extend the IMF payment term
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner affirmed that Argentina can’t pay US $ 45-billion IMF loan
The debt swap under Argentine law reached 99.55% of the securities issued
Argentina's GDP shrank 9.9% in 2020
The President announced the reduction of employer contributions in 10 Northern provinces
More than half of the provinces achieved their external debt restructuring
The February inflation index rose 3.6%
Soybeans led exports in 2020 with more than US $ 14 billion
The monetary base showed a contraction of 2.9% in February
Collection increased 51.9% year-on-year in February
Argentine stocks rose as much as 35% in February on Wall Street
The January trade exchange left a surplus of US $ 1,068 million
In 2020, economic activity fell by 10%
January inflation was 4%
Argentina registered the highest global growth in electronic commerce in 2020
Renewable energy generation grew 64% in 2020
Automotive production grew 17.5% in January and exports grew 37% year-on-year
Government controls companies to avoid product shortages
The Government paid US $ 315 million to the IMF while negotiations continue
The Buenos Aires stock market closed January with a decrease of 5.79%
The Central Bank reported the pending challenges of debt restructuring
The 2020 trade exchange had a surplus of US $ 12,528 million
The Government established reference values for meat exports
Government will extend the prohibition to fire employees and the mandatory payment of double severance
During 2020 the primary deficit was equivalent to 6.5 points of GDP
The Treasury closed 2020 with positive net financing of $ 386 billion
Government defined the activities benefited by the Knowledge Economy Law
Inflation in December was 4% and 2020 accumulated 36.1%
Government lifted the quota on exports and producers end strike
Ford investment plans in Argentina
In November, industrial activity grew 4.5% and construction 6.2% year-on-year
The monetary base grew 43% average in 2020
The Central Bank implements limitations for imports of luxury goods
The Stock Exchange closed 2020 with an accumulated increase of 22.9%
Govt. eliminated withholdings to encourage exports from regional economies
January inflation was 4%
The Poverty Line increased to $ 56,459
Argentina's Industry down by 7.1% in August 2020 annually
Uruguay's Inflation fell by 0.64% in September 2020 and stood at 9.92% annually
Unemployment in Argentina rises to 13.1% in the second quarter of 2020
Argentina's Inflation in August 2020 hit 2.7% and 40.7% annual
September 2020: Argentina’s economic activity shrank by 19.1% year-on-year
Argentine government tightened foreign currency controls
Argentina was the country that received the most of Chinese infrastructure investments in the region
Argentina announced a package of measures for industrial reactivation
Argentina’s industrial production fell by 6.9% annual in July 2020, while construction fell by 12.9%
Argentina's fuel companies raised fuel prices by 4.5%
Argentina's inflation in July 2020 hit 1.9% and 42.4% annual
Argentina’s trade exchange in July 2020 showed a surplus of USD 1,476 million
Argentina formally opens debt rescheduling talks with IMF
Argentina restructures 99% of its USD 66-billion foreign debt, reaching more than 93% of bondholder’s acceptance
Uruguay’s exports fell by 19% in July of 2020
China remains as Argentina’s main trading partner
Argentina’s industry grew 13.8% in June of 2020 and fell 6.6% year-on-year
Argentina planning for a new program agreement with the IMF by end of March 2021
Argentina reaches USD 65 billion debt restructuring deal with its key creditors
The EU suspension of Argentine citrus imports entered into force
Argentina’s economic activity shrank 12.3% year-on-year in June 2020
Inflation in July 2020 hit 1.9% and 42.4% annual
Argentina’s exports fell by 11% in the first half of 2020
Argentina’s economic activity slumped 20.6% in May amid pandemic
Uruguay’s economy in recession, with partial impact from COVID-19
Paraguay’s economy to contract between 3% and 3.5% in 2020
Paraguay's exports fell by 21.8% in May 2020
Measures to tackle COVID-19 equivalent to 5% of GDP
Argentina's economy contracted by 5.4% and unemployment reached 10.4% in the first quarter of 2020
Latin-American GDP will drop 9.1% this year and poverty will reach 37.3% of the population
Inflation in June hit 2.2% and 42.8% annual
Argentina’s trade with Brazil decreased by 35% in June
Argentina’s economic activity plunges to a record 26.4% in April amid pandemic
Argentine inflation decelerates for the second consecutive month with a rate of 3.1%
Uruguayan economy is in stagnation and with rising risk of recession
Argentine Country Risk exceeds 900 points and breaks the record.
Argentina eliminates import duties for solar panels for 2019
IMF sees deeper recession in Argentina, according to its World Economic Outlook Report
Argentine government reduce import tariffs for products that are not manufactured in the country
Macri asks IMF for early release of stand-by loan funds
Argentina implements the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE)
Toyota will produce cars in Argentina using only renewable energies
Argentine industry fell 8.1% in June 2018
President Macri acknowledges inflation will hit 30 percent in 2018
Buenos Aires ranks 2nd in the Top 10 Bitcoin Cities in The World
Nissan invests US$600 Million to produce pickups in Córdoba, Argentina
Argentine government reduces tariffs to 2% to import automobile parts
Argentine Peso Jumps After Central Bank Acts to Reverse Sentiment
Argentina stocks fall most since 2014 amid emerging markets selloff
Argentina to Join Widely Watched Emerging Markets Index By MSCI
Argentina stocks see worst one-day drop since 2014
IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Argentina on a Three-Year, US$50 Billion Stand-By Arrangement
Entre Rios celebrates the exports of citrus to Thailand
Macri says Argentina’s currency crisis is over
Argentina will take loan from the IMF again: Macri announced that he started the conversations with the IMF
Argentina hikes interest rates again as peso slumps
Argentina central bank sells $1.472 bln, largest intervention in years
Southeast Asian region has more participation in Argentina’s exports
Argentina’s food and beverage industries search for business in Thailand and Vietnam
Openbank, Santander’s Online Banking Platform, Will Open in Argentina
Argentina Eyes $500 Million Rail Project to Boost Shale Play
Argentina's Defense of the Peso Makes Its 27% Rates More Tempting
New food products of vegetable origin approved for export to Indonesia
You Will Soon Be Able to Buy and Sell US Dollars Everywhere (Including Supermarkets and Kioskos)
US Dollar Shies Away From AR $20 Mark
China Says (Historic) ‘Yes’ to More Argentine Meat
Argentina’s government starts to eliminate non-automatic import licenses
Philippines investments for La Plata port
Singapore to purchase more argentine meat
Whirlpool Completes Manufacturing Facility Expansion in Argentina
Argentina Congress Passes Law to Fight Corporate Corruption
Argentina among the 5 most fragile countries exposed to higher interest rates, according to S&P
Soros, Cohen Back App to Lure Cash From Argentine Mattresses
Singapore opens its market for uruguayan beef
Uruguayan Central Bank to Test Digital Currency
Argentina’s Foreign Minister met Hyundai and Posco Daewoo’s CEOs’ in Busan, South Korea
Argentina increases cooperation with Australia and East Asian countries
An electrical bus Chinese company would be settled in Córdoba
Paraguay aims to be a business center during Mercosur chairmanship
Argentina approves construction of Chinese-financed dams in Patagonia
Argentinian Vice-PM to Visit Morocco, Seeking Stronger Ties with ‘Strategic’ Ally
Taiwan, Paraguay to Sign Historic Trade Deal to Reinforce Bilateral Ties
Argentine peso drops to fresh low over Kirchner comeback fears
Argentine Foreign Minister hails Vietnam development achievements
Uruguay Close to Landing an Opening to Japanese Meat Market
Paraguay Seeks to Boost Trade with Taiwan
Foreign Investors in Uruguay Tout Its Bright Future
Argentina announces surprise sale of 100-year bonds
Argentina misses out on MSCI upgrade to emerging market status
Argentina ‘ripe’ to reclaim emerging market status
AIIB approves membership of Argentina, Madagascar, Tonga
Argentina signs mining deal to unify regulations, attract investment
Germany's Merkel-EU Must Compromise to Get Trade Deal With Mercosur
Argentina and UK agree to implement the trade and investment March MoU
First shipment of Argentine beef to the Philippines departed
US dollar exchange rate raises and reaches $16,41
Nissan assures Macri production in Argentina will start in 2018
Macri Signs Investment and Financing Agreements for US $15 Billion With Chinese President Xi Jinping
Argentina's Macri arrives in Japan on two-day visit
Macri begins official visit to China and attends development forum with 27 world leaders
Macri arrives in Dubai and will meet local Prime Minister
Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s Visit To Argentina
Government of Argentina reduces import taxes for eco-friendly cars
Argentina promotes sales to China through e-commerce Alibaba
Trump Praises Argentina’s Macri during White House Meeting
President of Argentina Mauricio Macri will visit Japan on May
Dubai Chamber participates in trade mission to Latin America
Chinese group Dongfeng to establish first electric car factory in Argentina
US dollar exchange rate continues to fall in Argentina
Meeting between Foreign Minister of the Republic of Singapore and MERCOSUR Chancellors
Standard & Poor’s upgrades Argentina as outlook improves
Seaborn Networks and Grupo Werthein to build a new submarine fiber optic cable system connecting Argentina and Brazil, with onward connectivity to the US
USD dollar exchange rate near its lower value in 2017 in Argentina
iPhones To Hit Argentine Store Shelves In April
World Economic Forum Latam 2017 will be held in Buenos Aires
Local industrials criticize Minister of Energy for favoring foreign enterprises
PayPal lands in Argentina in alliance with COMAFI Bank
Argentina and Singapore hold the II Meeting of Political Consultations in a new stage of bilateral relationship
Moody's changes outlook on the Government of Argentina's B3 rating to positive from stable; ratings affirmed
The US dollar is still in free fall in the Argentine Republic
Argentina to export beef to Philippines
South Korea-Mercosur Trade Talks to Launch in 1st Half of the year
The Government evaluates to reduce the tariffs on the importation of mobile phones
Economic and Financial Forum 2017
Argentina to eliminate tariff on computers, tablets
Investments Forum Mendoza 2017
Industrialists ask for multiple exchange rate and one dollar for export
IDB to Finance YPF Wind Farm in Southern Argentina
China Rues New Anti-Dumping Measures by Argentina
Japanese PM Abe Backs “Free and Open” Economic Policies of Argentina’s Macri
Uruguay Is a Gateway to Mercosur for Chinese Trade, Official Says
Argentina: Soy oil sales to China plunge 97%
Argentina: Bills to finance start ups, facilitate registration on the works
Argentina Nearly Doubles Fruit Exports to Indonesia in 2016
Argentina Invites China to Join Its Transport System Overhaul
Argentina Looks towards China to Revive Its Mining Sector
รัฐบาลอาร์เจนตินาจัดงาน Argentina Business and Investment Forum (CEOs Forum)
ประธานาธิบดีอาร์เจนตินาเข้าร่วมประชุม G20 Summit 2016 ณ เมือง Hangzhou ประเทศจีน
ข้อมูลด้านพลังงานและแร่ลิเธียม (Lithium) ของอาร์เจนตินา
Argentina: General Electric (GE) vows US$10B investment as gov’t promotes country on Wall Street
Argentine Gov't Touts "Opportunities" for Foreign Investors
Argentina: US investment to reach US$20B in two years
Forum on Investment and Business in Argentina (September 2016)
India and Mercosur Exchange Product Lists to Widen Tariff Preferences
Uruguay to Attend China Fair Seeking Infrastructure Investment
Uruguay to Sign Free Trade Agreement with Chile
PAE to invest US$1.4B in Argentina this year
Argentine gov’t eyes UK for investment in key areas
Whirpool to open plant in Argentina
Argentine President ends EU tour with investment promises
Argentina’s nuclear deal with China greenlighted
YPF (Argentine state-owned energy company) signs deal with General Electric to invest in Tucumán province
Argentina to Discuss Barriers in Agricultural Exports at G20 Meet
Uruguay Looks to Africa to Make Up Fall in Exports
Foreign Companies in Uruguay Are Satisfied with Business Climate
Argentine government Unveils Renewable Energy Plan to Create 8,000 Jobs
Chilean forestry firm Masisa to invest more in Argentina
Monsanto suspends soybean tech in Argentina
Italian business delegation arrives in Argentina
Uruguay Generates 100% of Energy from Renewable Sources
Latin America Shows Interest in China in Asia's Largest Food Exhibition
Argentine government begins ‘roadshow’ to sell bonds
Petrolera Amerisur to Resume Search for Oil in Paraguay
First Car Fully Assembled in Paraguay Debuts
Uruguay Pursues Solar-Power Industry
US investments in Argentina set to triple, says AmCham
YPF seeks to raise U$1B with new bond
Argentine Auto Production Plunges 25%
Spain’s Gamesa to Build Wind Farm in Uruguay
US firms: Obama’s visit to Argentina will boost investment
Argentina, Hedge Funds Reach Agreement on Debt
Uruguayan Company Awarded Oil Exploration Contract
Argentina: President Macri announces elimination of mining export duties
Standard & Poor’s ups Argentina’s rating
Exports fall 21% in Uruguay
Norway’s Statoil Acquires 15% Stake in Total Offshore Block in Uruguay
สรุปสถานการณ์การเมือง เศรษฐกิจ และสังคมในอาร์เจนตินาปี 2558 และแนวโน้มปี 2559
นาย Mauricio Macri ได้รับเลือกตั้งให้ดำรงตำแหน่งประธานาธิบดีคนใหม่ของอาร์เจนตินา
บริษัท YPF และ DOW Chemical ร่วมทำข้อตกลงโครงการก๊าซธรรมชาติ
Brazil, Uruguay Liberalize Trade in Auto Sector
Uruguay’s Exports Fall 11.7%
BBVA Revises 2016 Growth Forecast for Uruguay Downward to 1.5%
Foreign investors optimistic about the newly elected president Macri
Argentina, China seal US$15B nuclear deal
Sacyr-Led Consortium Wins Road Contract in Uruguay
Companies Flee Brazil for Paraguay’s Greener Pastures
Over 2 Million Tourists Visit Uruguay
Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America Falls 21%
Argentina: Tourism abroad soars 24.8 percent in August
UN improves economic outlook for Argentina
Nissan Establishes Subsidiary in Argentina
Argentina: Trade with Brazil plunges 16% this year
Velcro Companies Opens New Production Facility in Uruguay
16 Companies from Uruguay at Tech Fair in San Francisco
Wine Tourism Touted as Growth Area for Latin America
Uruguay ranks first as prime location for installing Shared Services Centers.
Vietnam, Argentina step up trade, investment relations
Argentina: Car production drops over 8% in July; sales grow 3.7%
Uruguay Spends $2.6 Billion to Become South America Wind Leader
Argentina agrees to lift trade restrictions with EU on Dec. 31
Argentina: Beef exports to China soaring
Uruguay looking to increase trade and investments with India
Argentina: Car sales rise 5.6% and break negative trend
USDA takes first step to import beef from Brazil, Argentina
Argentina: Construction recovery already creating jobs
Argentina: Industrial activity drops 0.3% in May, says INDEC
Dutch Firm Trafigura Invests $350 Million in Argentina
Ford vows to invest US$220M in Argentina
Argentina: Foreign investment plunges
Argentina: Economy grew 2% in March
Uruguay Aims to Invest 1 Percent of GDP in Science and Technology
YPF Finds Oil Field in Southern Argentina
Chery Closes Factory in Uruguay after fall in Demand from Brazil and Argentina
Argentina: US$600M investment for YPF
Argentina: Exports to China soar 50% in first quarter
Argentina: Advances to strengthen fisheries cooperation with China
IDB finances Valentines and Colonia Arias wind farms in Uruguay
Buenos Aires real estate sales rise 24% in March
Uruguay's meat exports in four months total 550m with beef the main item, 454m
Development Bank Readies $500M Infrastructure Fund for Uruguay
Argentina Sells $1.4 Billion in Bonds
Zach Schreiber Raises $486 Million to Invest in Argentina
Argentina: Supermarket, shopping mall sales up in March
Russia and Argentina Sign Several Cooperation Agreements
Argentina: Trade surplus drops 33% in March
Argentina: Honda sees hike in vehicle output
Renault-Nissan Spends $600 Million to Build Trucks in Argentina
Argentina: Motorcyle sector sees slight recovery in March
Spain’s Sacyr Joins Bidding for Road Project in Uruguay
Argentina’s fishing industry seeks to expand US sales
Argentina: Trade plunges 25 percent in February
Uruguay Bets on Cruise Business to Drive Tourism
Argentina and Mexico Sign New 4-Year Automotive Trade Deal
Influx of Tourists to Uruguay Grows 11.6%
Renault will build Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway in Argentina
Argentina to build drones for defense
AmCham CEO says US businesses plan to invest u$s 20 billion per year in Argentina
Uruguay Seeks Finnish Investment in Timber Industry
Azerbaijan Lawmakers Begin South American Tour in Paraguay
Funding for Uruguay’s Biggest Wind Farm to Come from German Banks, Trust
Argentina: Foreign tourists rise 9 percent in January
YPF hopes for more investment
Argentina: Auto production drops 13.9 percent in February
Argentina: Auto sales plunge 28 percent
Uruguay Mulls Powdered Milk Plant to Supply Cuba
Argentina’s YPF Says Net Income Rose 58% in 2014
Argentina: Industrial output drops 2.1 percent
Claro to invest US$2.7 billion in Argentina
Argentina: Exports plunge 18% to lowest level since 2010
Argentina: January inflation at 1.1%
Argentina: Underemployment rises
Argentine seafood exports reach 1.6bn dollars in 2014; squid and shrimp main items
Carlos Slim sells some of his stake in YPF
Argentina: Foreign investment drops 60 percent
Argentina Signs an Agreement with Germany to Advance Debt-Refinancing Plan
Argentina’s YPF, China’s Sinopec to Join in Oil-and-Gas Projects
Argentina: Restrictions on imports to continue this year
Argentina: Trade surplus last year is worst since 2001
Uruguay: 'Hundreds of millions of barrels' likely onshore"– Minister says
Argentina: YPF oil production up 8.7%
Argentina’s Foreign Reserves Grow Thanks to Influx of Chinese Funds
Philippine investments in Argentine ports
German Wind-Powered Ship Arrives in Uruguay
Argentina: New car sales plunge 42 percent in Dec.
Paraguayan beef exports continue to set records
Argentina’s Sancor to Export Baby Formula to China
Argentina: GDP down 0.8% in third quarter of 2014
Argentina Cuts Fuel Prices 5%
Argentina: Trade surplus down 34%
Telefonica Begins 4G Rollout in Argentina
Argentina: Reserves revert to January levels
Spain’s Abengoa Wins Contract for Power Project in Argentina
Argentina sees biggest export plunge in region
Argentina: November inflation at 1.1%
IMF: Uruguay will grow less
IDB loan for Uruguay to promote quality investments and exports
Argentina: Shell and Total to invest US$550 million in shale pilots
Argentina: Trade surplus plunges 39% in October
China to Import Sorghum from Argentina
British minister underlines business opportunities for UK companies in Paraguay
Canada’s Goldcorp to Inaugurate Argentine Gold, Silver Mine in February
Argentina: Unemployment grows to 7.5 percent
Argentina: Inflation clocks in at 1.2% in October
Argentina seeks US$1bn financing with dollar-linked bond
Petrobras Argentina Plans to Invest $622 Million in Gas Exploration
Atanor Chemical Corporation Plans to invest US$ 100 million in hydrocarbons and mining
Argentina: New car registrations fall 40% in October
China’s CSR Sifang to Set up Shop in Argentina
US Helping Paraguay Strengthen Revenue Management
Fitch downgrades Argentina's Par bonds ratings to 'D'
Argentina, China Activate Currency-Swap Deal
Honda to invest $29.5 mn to launch production of new mini SUV in Argentina
Oil discovery in Paraguay
South Korea’s Posco to Invest $230 Million in Argentine Lithium Project
Argentina: Foreign direct investment drops 100%
Argentina: INDEC reveals fall of 1.2% in August economic activity
Argentina: Grain exports will rise 5% this year
Argentina: Trade surplus drops 44% in September
Uruguay aims to attract oil majors for offshore investments
Argentina: Central Bank sets more controls on importers
Argentina: Number of foreign tourists up 20.9%
India and Argentina Hold Business Meeting to Strengthen Ties
Argentina: Inflation hits 1.4% in September
Paraguay’s President Seeks Taiwan Investment for Mutual Benefit
Economic agreements between Argentina and Russia
Argentina: Railway gets US$ 370M from China
Argentina: A Russian mission promises to invest in shale gas and oil
Argentina: Industrial production dips 2.3% in August
Argentina promoted its fish products at the sector’s largest trade fair in South Korea
Argentine fruits and vegetables try to win over the Chinese market
Whoever wins Uruguayan election, no major changes in policy, says US bank
Argentina: New car sales plunge 31% in September
Argentina suffers drop in foreign trade
USDA Authorizes “Uruguay Open Range Beef” Sale In The US
Bilateral trade between Argentina and China is rising after swap
Paraguay eyes Korean investment
Uruguay's Mujica opens new paper plant
Singapore Olam International will invest 80m in dairy processing facility in Uruguay
China to send up to US$800M for reserves
Argentine seafood exports up 3.9% in value and 3% in volume in first half of 2014
YFP discovers new oil reserve near Mendoza
Billionaire Soros buys 3.5 stake in YPF
Uruguay offers 'tremendous guarantees' and is a 'decent country' Mujica tells US investors
Uruguay oil and gas summit schedules for next November
NGEx, Pan Pacific Copper to invest USD 17.6 million in mineral exploration in Argentina
Uruguay seeks foreign investments to develop renewable energy
Food companies seek to bolster exports to Brazil at Exposuper 2014
YPF confirms gas field discovery in Mendoza
Argentina and China agreed investments for USD 7.5 billion
Trade mission to China showcases Argentine exports
Toyota announced an important investment in Argentina
Argentine wineries pursue ways to capitalize on growing consumption of wine in Asia
EU grants ‘feed-lot quota’ to Argentina
The Newsan Group will invest $ 5.5 million to produce smartphones of Motorola in Tierra del Fuego
General Motors will build in Argentina an engine plant
Vietnam opens its market to Argentine products
Mercosur and EU Draw Closer
Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia private sectors unite to combat Mercosur protectionist policies
Singapore wants to invest in the country
เขตส่งเสริมธุรกิจประเภทเทคโนโลยีแห่งกรุงบัวโนสไอเรส (Buenos Aires Technology District
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Uruguay's central bank raised its policy rate to 5%.
Argentina’s government starts to eliminate non-automatic import licenses
Economic outlook
Economic outlook
Economic outlook
Economic outlook
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