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China allows the import of soymeal livestock feed from Argentina, after 20 years of negotiations

After 20 years of negotiations, China agreed to open its market to soybean meal shipments from Argentina, the world’s biggest exporter of the animal feed. Pres. Macri hailed the agreement as "historic" in a post on Twitter, describing China as "the world's largest consumer of vegetable protein for livestock feed." So far this year, Argentina has exported to China 4.3 million tons of soybeans (80% of the total) and 163.954 tons of soybean oils (4%). In recent years, Argentina has exported to Chinese market bovine, ovine and swine meat and soybean oils, as well as cherries, citrus fruits, fresh blueberries and dried peas, tangerines, fractionated and bulk honey. The announcement comes at a time when China is expanding its footprint in Latin America by developing infrastructure projects across Argentina, from hydroelectric plants to railways.


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